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Fasting Paper Analysis

Posted on November 7, 2010 at 1:42 PM

The Introduction to the Fasting Paper Analysis as found on the GCE Website is followed by a link to the PDF file of the Analysis.  

Fasting Paper Analysis


In the November 4, 2010, member letter, Mr. Luker reminded everyone “of the official links and Web sites where accurate and uplifting information can be found.” However, on the members Web site, there still remains an erroneous doctrinal paper titled “Fasting, Prayer and the Will of God” (http://members.ucg.org/letter/fasting-prayer-and-will-god-september-14-2010).

The “Fasting Paper Analysis” is now posted here for the following purposes:

  • To explain why the “Fasting, Prayer and the Will of God” paper generated many questions and doubts in the minds of many ministers and members as to the doctrinal position taken by the writers of “Fasting, Prayer and the Will of God.”
  • To explain why the concerns raised by church members and ministers are legitimate—not rebellious, as they have been publicly characterized.
  • Because repeated calls to the UCG leadership for its removal from the Web site have been ignored.
  • To show good reason to question the legitimacy of any disciplinary action taken against an elder for criticizing “Fasting, Prayer and the Will of God” or for his public or private defense of the established doctrinal positions of the church.

The “Fasting Paper Analysis” is the result of a collaborative effort of writers, and it was reviewed by members and ministers of the United Church of God. This analysis gives voice to the concerns of many. All elders in the GCE, including the president and Council of Elders, should be aware why many of your peers in the ministry, and many of the members you shepherd are deeply troubled. These are not rebels and troublemakers stirring division, but seriously concerned about the United Church of God.




 Link to PDF file

Review of Paper “Fasting, Prayer and the Will of God”

Link to PDF file

Introduction to Fasting Paper Analysis


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