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UCG members are looking for answers in the latest upheaval of the administration and the COE.

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Letters and Documents Translated from the United Church or Latin America site.  The site is located at


Posted June 28th

Letter # 1

Services last Sabbath June 26, 2010 were peaceful & in harmony together with all the brethren who want & are searching for peace.

We had a total of 228 adults and 32 children, the brethren were united & shared that beautiful Sabbath.

We had live Services throughout Latinamerica via Inernet, connecting with more that 200 computers from several different places. Many Congregations were able to be connected to one single computer.

We were in the presence of the Minister from Mexico, Mr. Larry Roybal who was the one in charge of giving the first Message. The main Sermon was given by our Pastor, Mr. Saul Langarica who gave us an inspiring message.

Next week, we expect the visit of our Regional Director Mr. Leon Walker. All the Members are waiting for his visit, which occurs only once or twice a year.

God is greatly blessing His true Church.

Letter # 2

With much sadness we continue to receive unofficial news of the decisions that Mr. Mario Seiglie is taking (he says he is the representative of the President of the Church in the United States), all of this has been and continues to be behind our backs.

Following the events of the removal of Mr. Leon Walker as Regional Director of the Spanish area, it is necessary to know that his dismissal is in the process of appeal. Therefore no new Regional Director exists in the Spanish area until the process is completed.

Until now, I have not received any notification that I have been removed as Pastor from the area that God assigned me to, therefore I continue as Pastor.

I will continue to stay informed of what occurring in our Congregations.


Saul Langarica Verdin

COE Calls for Suspension of Live Services

The following letter in English, was sent by hosting providers where Latin America, specifically Chile and Mexico and other countries bounce your signal to be distributed every Saturday to the brothers of the Church in the various congregations. We were informed that Mr. Victor Kubik called (on behalf of the Council) so that we block the service. copy was sent , both administrators in Chile and Mexico, as well as Don Larry Roybal , Don Saul and Don Mario Seiglie Langarica respectively.

Following is the letter:

Greetings Gentlemen ,

We regret to inform you That we Have Been Asked by United Church of God , an International Association to suspend live cybercast services from Mexico and Chile Congregations Until Further notice . The reason for the request Was due to sensitivities taking place in the Spanish speaking work. We are Honoring That request , in part, Because You are a UCG Congregation.
In addition, on the ACMC web site ( cgca.net ) the criteria of WHO May use the free services of ACMC are presented. The terms of service statement dated February 14, 2001 (Over nine years ago) is quoted below. I Have Highlighted in yellow and underline Our area of concern ' as it Applies to CGCA Policies. Our longstanding statement of " Who May Use Our Services "is as FOLLOWS :

This corporation shall " limit the ITS Benefits and services to church of God Congregations , Organizations , and Individuals That revere God's Laws, Including the Sabbath and yearly holy days and Do Not Claim to be the exclusive body of Christ . We seek to serve Those Who Have A humble Desire to seek God's truth and way of life, Who Are Not critical of Others Involved in the same search, and Who want to share That truth and way of life with Others Via the internet.

We hope your issues are resolved internal in a short Period of time and we are Able to sums Providing internet services to you .


Churches of God Cyber Auxiliary"

The Chilean Constitution and By-laws

Registration # 1.574 – 2002

Religious Entity with Public Rights


In Santiago, Chile, May 16, 2002, the following people meet with me, Gerardo M. Arevalo Lopez, attorney and notary public, Santiago Fourth Notary, Paseo Ahumada #341, Fourth Floor, Santiago: Omar Aner Morales Morales, Chilean, married, attorney…he comes to publicly register the incorporation of a religious entity with legal rights, “United Church of God – Chile” carried out on May 13, 2002…The following persons met to establish the resolutions: Saul Langarica Verdin, Mexican….Maria del Carmen Chavira de Langarica, Mexican….Gerardo Roig Berenguer, Chilean [Caty’s father]….Adriana Travizani de Angelo [wife of Gerardo)…Marisol Espinoza…Jaime Guinez Rojas…(and some 10 other people).

Saul Langarica presides and Jaime Guinez Rojas is the secretary. The purpose of the meeting is to constitute a church corporation named, “Iglesia de Dios Unida – Chile.” After some discussion, it was resolved to establish said church corporation.


Article 1 – Name, address and duration.

Article 2 – Purpose – to fulfill the commission given by Jesus Christ.

Article 3. The United Church of God – Chile is an associate member of the United Church of God, an International Association (UCGIA), legally registered as a non-profit religious corporation in the United States of America. It is the intent and purpose of the United Church of God – Chile to support the commission of the church in coordination with UCGIA and with its other associate members from around the world.

Article 4 – Twenty Fundamental Beliefs of the Church

Article 5 – These are the same beliefs as UCGIA and can be revised by the GCE.

Article 6 – Central office shall be in Santiago, Chile.

Article 7 – The duration of the entity is indefinite and membership is unlimited.

Article 8 – The entity is non-profit and non-political.

Article 9 – The term “elder” as it is applied in these statutes, unless expressly given another meaning, means an ordained minister, or whose ordination is recognized by UCGIA.

Article 10 – Definition of a member.
Article 11 – An annual meeting will be held during the Feast of Tabernacles on the date determined by the Directory.

Article 13 – The term “directory” is used in these statutes to define those members that direct the entity, and who constitute the administrative organ of the entity and are the equivalent to a Board.

Article 14 – Members of the board can be of any nationality or gender that has been baptized by an elder of the United Church of God.

Article 15 – The status of member is lost through renouncing or expulsion. The expulsion can be decreed because of having an incompatible conduct with the beliefs of the church, or against the legal statutes or for ethical breaches determined by the directory.

Article 16 – All members of the entity have a right to appeal the disciplinary decisions or other adverse rulings. This appeal will be carried out according to the process approved by the Council of Elders of UCGIA.

Article 17 – To cover its costs, the entity will have available the assets it possesses, the contributions and inheritances it collects, and other funds it receives.

Article 18 – The annual meeting should be held between September and October of each year and the business of the corporation will be discussed.

Article 19 –Special meetings can be held if two-thirds of the directory deems fit. Only subjects approved and presented to the assembly. Items can be approved by a simple majority of those assembled.

Article 20 – The special meetings will be announced through announcements in church or by mail. Each member of the assembly has the right to one vote...

Article 21 – The directory shall be composed of five members.

Article 22 – Prerequisites of the members of the directory. They must be members in good standing, and back the fundamental beliefs. They must be willing to back the consensus of the directory.

Article 23 – The duration of the members of the directory will last three years, and they can be reelected indefinitely. They serve without remuneration. The pastor of the congregations in Chile is a permanent member of the directory, which will officiate and is not subject to being elected. The elders of the UCGIA that reside in Chile are automatically members of the directory and their terms do not expire unless they leave the country. The members of the directory that are not ministers will be nominated and elected in the annual assembly.
Article 24 – The directory will meet at least once every semester, or every time the president choose to do so or the majority of the membership.

Article 25 – The attributes of the Directory are:
1. Guide the entity and oversee the application of the statutes and its purposes.
2. Administer the assets of the entity.
3. Establish the general assembly.
4. Create all the branches of the entity.
5. Establish policy.
6. Fulfill the resolutions of the general assembly.
7. Give an annual report.
8. Resolve anything not clear in the Statutes.
9. Accept the resignation of members.
10. Fill any vacancy in the directory.
11. The rest of the duties established in the Statutes.

Article 26 – The directory is authorized to:
1. Buy what is necessary for the entity or sell the assets as needed.
2. Establish mortgages or liabilities.
3. Establish bank accounts, writes checks, etc. Only the president’s signature is needed for checks or other transfer of funds. He is also authorized by the directory to carry out all the needed financial transaction, including buying and selling assets and can delegate the power to whom he wishes.

Article 27 – Whatever action is required in the previous article can be carried out by the president or his designee with the approval of the directory or the general assembly.

Article 28 – The decisions of the directory will be written up in the official minutes of the meeting by the secretary of the directory.

Article 29 – The directory can form or dissolve committees.

Article 30 – The directory will consist of the president, secretary, treasurer and directors. The president, who will also be the director of the entity and the directory, is not elected. He is the pastor of the congregations in Chile and as such, is designated by the Director of the Spanish Area of the United Church of God, an International Association.

Article 31 -- The president will represent legally or extra-judicially the entity and has the attributes conferred by the Statutes. As legal representative, he has the power conferred by the seventh and eight articles of the Chilean Civil Code.

Article 32 – The presidents duties are:
1. Convoke, preside and direct the sessions of the directory and general assemblies in the way established by the Statutes.
2. Resolve urgent matters and take appropriate measures in internal situations.
3. Sign checks, money orders ….
4. Name labor committees.
5. Prepare the annual report along with the treasurer.
6. Deposit funds in the entity’s bank accounts and sign checks for payments.
7. Carry out any other duty that he is given faculty of by the Statutes.

Article 33 – Duties of the secretary.

Article 34 – Duties of the treasurer.
1. Collect member donations.
2. Keep accounting books to the effect.
3. Prepare annual financial report.

Article 35 – Duties of the members of the Directory.

Article 36 – Modification of the Statutes.
Only by a special meeting can the statutes of the corporation be modified.
Only by a two thirds vote of the general assembly can the modifications pass.

Article 37 – Dissolution of the Corporation
The corporation can be dissolved by the measures mentioned in article 36. The assets will be given to the UCGIA.